Focus and Expertise in Pediatric Limb Reconstruction

The first product commercialized by Orthofix was the Limb Lengthener, a pediatric extremity fixation device to correct bone deformities. Since then, our history has been characterized by a series of innovations in pediatric orthopedics, including the first internal lengthener, the first guided growth plate, the first software for pre-planning of pediatric plating system, and the first FDA lengthening nail approved for pediatric application.

Our Past

In the late 1970s in Verona, Italy, orthopedic researcher Giovanni De Bastiani pioneered the concept of “dynamization,” based on the natural ability of bone to repair itself.

He developed a modular system of external axial frame devices that could be fitted to a bone, allowing micromovement at the fracture site to stimulate bone healing. Along with colleagues, De Bastiani founded Orthofix in 1980 in order to continue the development of these devices.

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Our Present

Now headquartered in Lewisville, Texas, Orthofix Medical Inc. has become a global medical device and biologics company with a spine and orthopedics focus. The Company’s mission is to deliver innovative, quality-driven solutions while partnering with health care professionals to improve patient mobility.

We strive to provide the support and information that everyone involved in the surgery and healing process needs.

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The Orthofix team is focused on helping surgeons give children with bone deformities and traumas the best opportunity to achieve their potential. We are committed to engineering products and services specifically designed for children and young adults. We believe that adapting standard adult products to children is simply suboptimal.

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