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A Broad Portfolio of Innovative Solutions

Orthofix boasts an unrivaled level of in-house expertise within the field of pediatric orthopedics. Our well-rounded product portfolio features both internal and external fixation solutions enabled by state-of-the-art digital planning tools.

Our bone deformity correction solutions restore normal anatomy for patients with a physical deformity, present at birth or formed after injury, as well as for patients needing limb lengthening. Our trauma solutions offer a simple product application and high performance in trauma settings. They are based on a philosophy of treatment that focuses not only on the broken bone but also considers the long-term preservation of function and quality of life for the patient. Our method for fracture reduction protects and preserves proper anatomy and limb alignment, allowing patients to function naturally and bear weight at the fracture site very early in the healing cycle as clinically tolerated and indicated.

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of Pediatric Limb Reconstruction Solutions

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Committed to Innovation

We are always looking to the future – whether that is the brighter future we can provide for our patients, or the innovative pediatric solutions that can help facilitate medical advancements. 

New ideas are paramount to innovation, and thanks to our ethical collaboration with surgeons, inventors, technical professionals, and others equally passionate about advancing medical technology, our R&D team has developed many pioneering products.