Offering Help and Support to Surgeon, Parent and Child​

Orthofix has developed a range of products and resources dedicated to children and young adults with bone fractures and deformities

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We understand that the decision to have surgery for a child is a big one. Our goal is to provide the information, support, and resources that will help children, teenagers, parents, and educators make informed decisions about pediatric conditions, injury prevention, and treatment. We aim to reduce any worries about surgery and the healing process by informing and by giving educators the resources to aid them in answering children’s and their families’ questions.


The Orthofix team is devoted to helping children with bone deformities and traumatic injuries be the very best that they can be.

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We offer resources to help your child understand how their body works, what their condition means, their growth and development, and how to manage their medical worries.


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Having a bone deformity or injury isn’t easy. We can help you understand your body, your concerns, and how you can manage your day-to-day life… so you can get on with being a teenager.

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Caring for a child or teenager with a bone deformity or injury can be difficult, but we can help. Our experts will provide the information you need to know, helping support you and your child or teenager.

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Educating a child or teenager with a bone deformity or injury can be challenging.

Our experts provide you with the resources and learning materials you need to help them on their way.

Orthofix’s mission is to deliver innovative, quality-driven solutions while partnering with health care professionals to improve patient mobility