The Fitbone™ intramedullary limb-lengthening system was developed in partnership with Professor Baumgart. The product was launched in 1997.  Since then, this innovative treatment concept has grown into a global success story. The Fitbone™ TAA intramedullary lengthening system is intended for limb lengthening of the femur and tibia. With appropriate preoperative planning, it is possible to make axial and torsional corrections as part of limb lengthening.

Reliability / Quality / Experience: Several thousand implants since 1997.

OrthoNext™, the NEXT generation of Digital Orthopedics, now has the addition of the dedicated Fitbone™ Reverse Planning Method module for lengthening nails. From pre-operative planning assessment, through simulation of osteotomy positioning and blocking screw placement, the OrthoNext™ Fitbone™ module allows for accurate calibration, optimized inventory sent to the OR and, above all, optimized limb correction.

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