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Your Dancing Skeleton

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Use this game to teach your child the name of the bones and the functions of the different body parts.

Cut out along the dotted lines. Glue or staple or use paper fasteners to put the skeleton back together.

Alternatively, you can use it as a competition game, to keep your child busy. If you have a board game at home with dice, use the dice to play the skeleton game.

1. Make several copies of this sheet.
2. Cut out the pieces and place them in the middle of the table.
3. Decide who will go first.
4. The first player rolls and then play continues clockwise:
a. For a 6, take a skull.
b. For a 5, take a body.
c. For a 4, take a humerus or a forearm.
d. For a 3, take a femur or a tibia.
e. For a 2, take a hand.
f. For a 1, take a foot.

5. First player to complete the skeleton is the winner.

Your Dancing Skeleton Download link: