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Back to school with an external fixator

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Your child must gradually learn to move around with ease doing things he/she used to enjoy. He/she must also learn to be unashamed of his/her orthopedic external fixator. It’s very important for the limb’s healing that your child starts mobilizing soon: he/she must go back to school as soon as safely possible. There he/she can meet school friends, start studying again and get back to a normal routine.

A recovery timeline can be discussed with surgeons and from there you can let school staff know what is happening. They will then be able to prepare for your child coming back to school as well as providing any work that your child has missed while having surgery.

It is important that you and your child talk about his/her external fixator with teachers and friends. This will make school staff and school mates more aware of your child’s special needs regarding extra space, mobility limitations, and rest elevating the affected limb.