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Preventing children sports injuries

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Sports are a great way for children to burn off excess energy, practice teamwork and communication skills, and stretch their limits, but any sport carries the potential for injury.

Younger children have undeveloped coordination and can have slower reaction times than adults because they are still growing. As they grow, the potential for injury increases due to the amount of force they are able to apply when participating in sports.

Following these simple rules can help reduce children sports injuries:

Use of proper sports equipment

Make sure any safety gear used is the correct size and that all sports equipment carries your country’s official standards accreditation.

Adult supervision

A qualified adult or coach with the correct training and qualifications should always supervise any sport. Be sure you can clearly see children while they are playing sports.

Proper preparation

Drinking plenty of water and warming up is important before playing any sport. Teaching children to properly warm up at a young age can help reduce sports injuries throughout their life.