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Bone deformity correction: when is it time for Health Care Provider consulting or check-ups?

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Human skeletal development starts during pregnancy and continues until bones have reached their full shape and structure in late puberty.

Some bone deformities are evident at birth, such as clubfoot, while others generally occur between 10 and 18 years old, such as scoliosis where the spine has a side-to-side curve, with an S or a C shape.

If your child shows signs of a bone deformity, you should take them to your Health Care Provider as soon as possible for an assessment. The earlier a bone deformity is diagnosed and treated, the more successful the treatment will be.

Your HCP and/or orthopedic surgeon will carefully evaluate what is appropriate for your child, considering the following aspects: your child’s age; her/his medical and family history; a physical examination; imaging, and blood and/or nerve tests.

It is important that you feel comfortable asking your HCP any questions about your child’s diagnosis and treatment that you may have. The better informed you are, the more comfortable you and your child will be.