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Motivating teenagers to exercise

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The important thing in motivating teens is discovering something that is really fun for them. Not everyone is born to be an athlete, so it’s important to find out if there are some activities that aren’t seen as exercise or competitive and are simply ways of enjoying everyday life.

Never push your child into a sport simply because it’s what you did. Instead, try to talk through what things are interesting to them. It might be that solo pursuits like running or cycling are a better fit than team sports like football.

Competitive sports can add extra stress and pressure, and not everyone thrives in that environment. However, if your child shows a particular skill or aptitude and does like a competitive environment, encourage them. Team sports are great for exercise and building personal skills.

Think outside the box

Try to look beyond the typical forms of exercise or sport. Yoga can be a great way to ensure flexibility and well-being. Going to the gym or swimming might be more interesting to your child. Rock climbing or hiking are great ways to see the great outdoors. Anything requiring movement promotes a healthy lifestyle.

The main point to remember is to listen to what your teenager is interested in and support him/her in whatever exercise he/she feels comfortable with.