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Technology, social media and sleep problems

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Using technology at night has been proven to affect people’s ability to fall asleep. By limiting the use of your gadgets at night, you can fall asleep faster and get a better quality sleep.

Here are some tips that should make it easier to reduce your technology use before bedtime and improve sleep quality:

  1. Log off your messaging apps, social media and email. Any messages that come through can wait until the morning.
  2. Leave devices in a different room. By leaving your smartphone in another room and switching off electronic devices, things such as blinking lights and glowing screens won’t distract you or prevent you from falling asleep.
  3. Stop using electronics an hour before bed time. Putting your phones and electronic devices down an hour before bed helps you switch your brain off. Getting good sleep is the only way to be refreshed and focused during the day.

Try these tips and you will see your sleep quality improve!